December 2016 Judges

About Pietre Tjerkstra


 I have been breeding GSD’s for 30 plus years under the prefix Freestien. I have had success  in both speciality and the all breeds rings. 

 I along with my wife Shae have also been breeding and showing Staffordshire Bull Terriers for  the past 15 years under the Bomchassa prefix.

 I have judged GSD’s at speciality levels in both Australia and NZ, and also had the pleasure of  judging them in India.  A special moment for me was judging the Otago GSD Speciality and whilst handling out the trophy’s noticed one of my own dogs on several of them, this was quite overwhelming. Most knew her as Red.


Our Staffordshire Bull Terriers are another breed extremely close to his heart and will also be my retirement breed for size and speed. I have had the pleasure of judging the British Terrier speciality show in Sydney a couple of years back, a lovely experience.

I have also owned and shown Siberian Huskies and also had the privilege of Judging the QLD speciality show.

I have currently had access to a combined and extended show team of English Pointers, Giant Schnauzers, English Springers and a Kerry Blue adding to exciting times ahead.

I look forward to judging in the South Island and enjoying the friendly atmosphere this area is known for.

Kind Regards – Pietre Tjerkstra


About Joy McFarlane

Having grown up with several Working and Herding breeds in a dog-loving home, my preference turned towards Sighthounds. Together with my partner, our Fleetwind Kennels have become well known and highly appreciated for quality Afghan Hounds, Salukis, and Whippets, proved in the ring through top awards, multiple Best in Show and Best Junior awards in addition to two of the most prestigious awards in South Africa, KUSA National Dog in 1998 and KUSA National Puppy in 2013. As well as importing Salukis and Afghan Hounds from top kennels around the world, Fleetwind Salukis can be found in Australia, Germany, Ukraine, Dubai, Thailand, Russia, Scotland, Canada and USA.

Career-wise, I served more than 30 years in the Education Department as a Junior Primary School Teacher and followed this, for several years, as an English Lecturer at various Teacher Training Colleges. After retiring, I currently find myself almost 100% involved in dogs and doggy matters and doing what I was probably born to do – art and design, with the emphasis on advertisement and website design. I design and maintain the very popular SHOWDOGS website ( – a magazine site for the dog show fraternity in South Africa.

Aligned to my formal education and experience, I am intensely involved in breed judges’ education and serve as Chairman of the Judges’ Education Sub-committee of the Western Cape and an active member of the National Breed Judges’ Education Sub-committee in my role as Curriculum Developer and Examiner. In this capacity, I have been largely instrumental in designing and administering a new curriculum for the training of breed judges in South Africa, which was launched in July, 2013. My interest in judge education has extended to the presentation of many seminars to learner judges and ring stewards. I am also a qualified Junior Showmanship Judge and have judged these classes several times and given training workshops for junior handlers. I find myself deeply involved in administrative matters and serve as Chairman of an All-breeds club and Committee Member of several dog clubs. I am a Councillor on the Western Cape Provincial Council – the governing body in our geographical region. I have had extensive experience as a Ring Steward and have served as official KUSA Representative at several shows.

I am an All-breeds International Judge, with experience gained in all groups at championship show level. My many appointments in South Africa have included several Breed Specialties, namely Bouvier des Flandres, Australian Shepherd, Afghan Hound, Boxer, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, White Swiss Shepherd Dog, Pekingese, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. At all-breeds shows in South Africa, I have judged all the groups extensively as well as Best in Show and several prestigious invitational events, ie. Junior Dog of the Year and NAPC Top Dog Competition.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been invited to judge extensively at all-breeds shows in Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra), Canada, India, Namibia, Denmark and Finland. One of the most prestigious shows I have been fortunate to judge was Best in Show at the Spring Fair International Show in Sydney, Australia. I have judged an Afghan Hound Specialty and a Bearded Collie Specialty in Australia, a Sighthound Specialty in Denmark, and two Saluki Specialties – one in Canada and the other (with over 250 entries) in Finland.

I find judging to be the most fulfilling experience that tops all previous dog-related experiences throughout my life, and I would be thrilled to be able to serve your club effectively and thoroughly.

Joy Colleen McFarlane

KUSA Reg No: 97843


About Elrena Stadler

Since childhood, I have always had an interest in dogs. I can remember going to the biggest annual show, the Goldfields Dog of the Year with all my pocket money so that I could look at the dogs and touch them. I acquired my first Whippet in 1986 and subsequently progressed to championing four Whippets. As my interest in dog showing grew, I found myself handling Afghan Hounds, Beagles, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Dachshunds and various other Hounds for their owners.

In 1995, I joined the new Fleetwind Saluki kennel, which has subsequently become well-known internationally. Together with Joy McFarlane, we have bred eleven Saluki litters and one litter of Whippets. Of the puppies that have passed through our hands, one Saluki was an International Champion in Ukraine, 26 are champions (plus one Whippet), and several youngsters have points towards their championships. We have championed all the Salukis we purchased, some of which were imported from El Hamrah (Finland), Del Goscha (Germany) Burydown (Canada). More recently, we imported youngsters from Haefen’s (Canada), Freespirits (USA) and Elamir (Portugal). We have also exported Saluki puppies to various countries around the world. Our success rate in the Saluki ring continues and we have a good deal of honourable titles to our dogs’ names, including the highly prestigious KUSA National Hound (twice) and the ultimate – KUSA National Dog, in 1998, followed in 2013, by the equivalent, KUSA National Puppy.

Our interest in Sighthounds extended to acquiring three Afghan Hounds, both earning many accolades in the show ring, including a Best in Specialty Show at the Afghan World Congress in 2005.

Most of my working life has involved either horses or dogs. For some years, I managed a top class boarding kennel, after which I served as a Business Development Officer for a company that imports pet products, I am currently in partnership with Joy in our very successful design studio, where we manage and maintain the country’s favourite show website, Showdogs (

I have had considerable experience as a Ring Steward and I have served as Chairman of the Cape Hound Club for thirteen years so far. I am heavily involved in dog matters and the promotion of sensible canine care and I am Secretary of two All-breeds clubs. I serve as a Councillor on the Western Cape Provincial Council – the regional governing body in our area. I am also involved in presenting seminars to learner judges and trainee ring stewards. I am qualified to judge Junior Showmanship classes at championship show level and we regularly run workshops for junior handlers and learner Showmanship Judges.

I am passionate about Hounds in general and Sighthounds in particular. At the end of 2015, I completed studies for my last group and I am now qualified to judge all breeds.

I have been judging since 1999, which includes many appointments around South Africa as well as abroad, including Australia, where I judged several groups, an Afghan Hound Specialty, and a Whippet Specialty. I was honoured to judge Best in Show in Victoria, Canada; and followed this with an appointment at the prestigious Dogs NSW Spring Fair International in 2013. In 2014, I judged the Saluki Specialty in Finland, together with Joy, where there were more than 250 Salukis entered.

We both consider it a huge honour to be invited to judge for any club and take our judging task very seriously as a service to the community.

Elrena Stadler

KUSA Reg No: 104912


About Griet Coetzers

Both Frans and Griet have actively been involved with the Staffordshire Bull Terriers since 1992. Over this time Zeracious Staffords have won numerous Major Annual Trophy Awards from serveral specialist clubs as well as been awarded the 4th TOP BREEDER Award of All Breeds in R.S.A. at a gala funtion in January 2005, by AnimalTalk. This was based on breeder's progeny who preformed and achieved in the S.A;s show ring over the previous 10 years. Zeracious has been in the top 100 dogs in the country for more then 18 years.

Frans & Griet has bred 37 S.A. Breed Champions to date and hold the Record for the most champions bred by any breeder in R.S.A. 5 American, 2 International, 1 Zimbabwean, 1 New-Zealand & 4 Australian Breed Champions.

To mention a few highlights:

CH Zeracious Pumbahee - Dog CC record holder for 5 years (June 1999 - Oct 2004) (Multi BISS)

AM & SA ChH Zeracious Star Studded - Current bitch CC record holder in South Africa (since 2006)

INT & SA CH Zeracious Reckless Rebel - 4 All Breeds BIS's & Dogmor Dog of the Year (1999)

CH Zeracious Fancy That - (All Breeds BIS)

SA CH Zeracious Maestro - (KUSA National Puppy 1999)

5 American SBT Champions & 2 International.


Frans is qualified to judge Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers (incl. mini) in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand:

Appointments officiated by Frans in Australia:

2004   KCC KC (Melbourne) x 180 SBT

2009   NSW SBTC (New Castle) x 236 SBT

2010   Wellington SBTC x 63 SBT

2013    SA SBTC (Adelaide) x 102 SBT

Griet is qualified to judge Junior Handlers, the Terrier & Utility (Group 2 & 6). As well as German Shepherd, Norwegian Buhund, Swedish Valhund and Great Danes.

Griet has judged in South Africa, Australia (incl. QLD SBTC x 198 SBTs) and New Zealand (Auckland SBTC x 68 SBTs)

Appointments officiated by Griet in Australia

Terrier Group (Group 2):

2015 Jun   Sutherland Shire KC (Sydney)

2014 May   St George District Kennel Club (Sydney)

                   Terrier Group (accept Bullies & SBT's which was judged by Frans)

2013 March   Blacktown Kennel & Training Club Inv (am show) (Sydney)

2012 July   Blaxland Glenbrook RSL & Gr K&T Club Inc. (Sydney)

2011 Aug   Forester Tuncurry KC (Taree)

2011 May Canberra & Sporting Terrier Club (Canberra) 96 SBTs / 120 Group.

Utility Group (Group 6):

2014 June    Blaxland Glenbrook RSL & Citizens Kennel & Training Club Inc (Sydney)

2013 March   Blacktown Kennel & Training Club Inv (pm show) (Sydney)

2012 July      Hawkesbury KC (Sydney)

2011 Oct       Blaxland Glenbrook RSL & Gr K&T Club Inc (Sydney)

2011 Aug       Forster Tuncurry KC (Taree)

Griet has 3 upcoming appointments scheduled in 2016:

1. 3/1/2016 - Terrier Group, Sydney

2. June 2016 - Terrier and Utility Group, Melbourne


Both Frans and Griet has served on SBT Clubs for more then 15 years. Frans was the Chairman of the Natal SBT Club in the RSA and later the Natal Terrier Club. Griet was the Editor, Secretary and Treasurer of the same club before moving to Australia in May 2009. Griet has been the Honorary Patron of the three SBT Clubs in S.A. in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 &2014. 


Contact Details

Nicole Adams
Christchurch, NZ
Phone : 021 1169303
Email : [email protected]